We Sell Ladders, Stools, & Step Ladders

Small ladders, extension ladders, telescoping ladders, and funny shirts are available too!
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Our Company Profits Off

Making America Accessible Again 

0+ billion dollars of poorly managed government funding up for grabs
0+ miles of border wall that will need the help of ladders to be constructed
0+ thousand annual border crossers who will now need ladders

Ladder & Step Ladder Products for Everyone

We sell ladders to governments and households. Take a look at our revolutionary business plan: 


Graph showing demand for ladders.

Our market research has found a direct correlation between the miles of border wall built and the number of ladders we will sell.

Ladder Demand


Graph showing demand for ladders.

If Russia can influence an election, we can influence sales. We have four social accounts and are not above sliding into your DMs.

Ladder Promotions


Graph showing demand for ladders.

Our finance situation and our elected officials have something in common: they both run off false hope. We made a GoFundMe.

Our GoFundMe


Graph showing demand for ladders.

The outdated 4Ps of marketing are Place, Product, Promotion, and Price. We updated it to Political Policies Power Profitability.

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Our Products Include

Extension Ladders, Little Giant Ladders, and More

Step Ladders

For those of you that need a few extra inches in your life. Am I right, ladies? Or dudes, we don't judge.

A Frame Ladders

Use these baby border busters to help metaphorically and literally reach new heights.

Extension Ladders

TRiUMPhant twenty footers that are absolutely perfect for building and getting over border walls.

Little Giant Ladders

If these were our products, the instruction manual would be the Kama Sutra book with pictures of ladders instead of humans.

Telescoping Ladders

These growers not showers don't blame it being cold outside when people see them shrunk down.

Ladder Merchandise & Covid Clothing

A portion of all clothing sales goes to charity. 

Covid Clothing

From SoCal Distancing to Corona Virish, we have Covid-19 themed shirts for different states and countries.


PPE Bikinis

PPE Bikinis & Boardshorts that make wearing a mask sexy. We are in the funding stage, but you should check out the designs.


Branded Merch.

Shirts, sweaters, hats, and more. Just get your credit cards out. Mexico didn't pay for the wall and they won't pay for your clothing either.


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