Large Ladder's Innovative Business Plan

Graph showing demand for ladders.


Our market research has found a direct correlation between the miles of border wall built and the number of ladders we will sell.

Demand for ladders >

Presentation showing how our ladder company will get out of debt.


We receive commission by referring to Amazon. We will have our own products, but debt is scary. So we made a GoFundMe.

Our GoFundMe >

Marketing plan that shows how Large Ladders will sell our product.


If Russia can influence an election, we can influence sales. We have four social accounts and are not above sliding into your DMs.

Marketing initiatives >

Small Ladders and Large Ladders are Available

Yes, we are called Large Ladders; we bought the domain because aliteration is cool and the name is easy to remember.

Uses For Small Ladders

A diagram of the uses for small ladders including painting houses, picking fruit, becoming an insta-model, hanging towels, reaching books and kissing tall people.

Uses For Large Ladders

A diagram of some of the uses for large ladders including construction, building borders, climbing borders, and petting giraffes.

Need a Product That Grows With Your Business?

Well, our products are literally scalable.

Circle background with metal step ladder in the front.

For those of you that need a few extra inches in your life. Am I right ladies? Or dudes. We don’t judge.

Circle background with an aluminum a-frame ladder in the front.

Ladders >

These small ladders have the only 12-step program where you don’t have to give up alcohol.

Extension Ladder to show product offering.

Given the choice of not owning a ladder and owning a ladder, we hope you choose the latter.

Little giant ladder showing one of the many products our company offers.

Someone really missed a great opportunity.  They should have called these ladders growers, not showers.'s success is not dependent on the border wall. We sell small and medium ladders too. Check out some of the uses. 


What if You Can't Climb our Heavy Duty Tools?

Don't worry, we are building two new companies.

Raft in the water to show one of our ladder company's future project. Site is and has the tagline "as the polar ice caps melt down, our profits go up."
Shovel in dirt to show one of our ladder company's future projects.

Fiberglass And Aluminum Ladders At Your Fingertips.

No matter the device, we give you access to the hardware tools you need.

Tablet showing you can order ladders through an iPad.


Control your Tesla and your ladder orders with one device.

iPhone showing you can order ladders through your apple device.


No special adapters are required to access our ladders.

Droid device showing you can order small ladders through your device.


Borderless phones will not affect our ladder sales.

PC showing you can order ladders through your computer.


You already have a PC. Time for a PL. A personal ladder.