We like to think these as our monthly stimulus package. 

4/20 Get Even Higher Sale

This will be our version of Black Friday. Stoners will do anything to get extra high. 

We will raise our prices and hope everyone is too high to actually notice.

Discounts will be given to states that legalize week (region-based marketing strategy

There is also a huge opportunity to parter with weed shops (we can bundle our products)


Pride For Profit

If you thought coming out of the closet was hard, try coming out as the first company to admit to profiting off the LGBTQ movement.

Pride Promotions

We will have a Raise Your Flag Sale along with a Get An Extra Erection Sale.

Pride For Profit Clothing

People will understand our point and buy our clothing, or they will proceed to ridicule us. Either way, free publicity.

Is This Satire? 

Kind of. This was going to be a fake promo to make fun of all the companies using a movement to make money.  Now, we want to profit off satire. 

Promos We're Still Workin On

We didn't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. These ideas will happen, but they need a little more time in the oven. 

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