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50% minority owned, because our owner is half Mexican.

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Are We a Real Company?

Yes, Large Ladders took over 750 hours to build. We know there are a lot of jokes on the site. That is because our founder loves trying to make people laugh.  You see links to our founder's Insta as he would love to expand his audiance.

We Don't Have A Political Affiliation

We are not pro-border wal nor are we against it. The wall has secured at least 2-billion in funding and we are here to get some of that money. We recognized the need for ladders as you need them for: 


Building Walls


Maintaing Walls


Getting Over Walls

Plans for the Future

We will continue to optimize the website (our page speed is not great). However, we have plans for the future depending on the overall success of our company. 

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