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Multi-Function Ladders

The 4 P’s of Large Ladders- Political Policies Power Profitability.

Politics boost ladder demand.

Let's use the three largest countries in North America as an example (we just found out Greenland is a part of North America, so they are not included). 


United States

Political leaders decided to build a wall. To build a big wall, you need big ladders.



Political policies prevent fast, legal migration. Migrants can speed things up with a ladder.



We assumed Canada’s policy is to “be nice to everyone.” Hopefully they support our company.

The need for ladders is not just in North America.

There are over 77 border walls across the globe (and more on the way).



The demand for ladders isn't exactly in Russia. It is directly outside of it. Their neighboring countries need to put up walls to avoid getting invaded. 


North Korea

We have doubts on if we can actually sell in North Korea. But, the demand to escape over their walls is too high for us not to try.



The country finally got rid of their one-child per family law. This means an increase in population and an increase in demand for ladders.  

Politics help us sell. But we are not depedent on border walls. 

Below you will see a few examples of how our products are used. 


We have plans to create a self-sustaining economy. 

We are not sure if self-sustaining economy is a business term (we took the phrase from a TV show).